American Resources are Not Inexhaustible

Without conservation efforts, big game hunters would have nothing left to hunt! We are in a collaborative relationship with the earth and must help to maintain the delicate balance between man and animal. If not, the situation would become very dire. Montana, in particular, takes this relationship very seriously. After all, the state boasts a vibrant history of hunting and conservation. Recent news from The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation only adds to Montana’s conservation-friendly reputation.


In a press release entitled, “RMEF, Partners Add Additional 2,360 Acres of Montana Elk Habitat for Public,” the author writes, “The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation teamed up with a collaboration of groups to acquire an additional 2,360 acres of land within Montana’s Tenderfoot Creek drainage to protect wildlife habitat and ensure public access.”


It was truly a collaborative effort, as the Bair Ranch Foundation, RMEF, Tenderfoot Trust and U.S. Forest Service joined together to protect this patch of God country, with many calling the land grab a “true conservation success story.” The enthusiasm is palpable. Not only does it benefit the animals, it allows the public to hunt and to enjoy what nature has to offer.

Teddy Roosevelt hunting


Teddy Roosevelt, perhaps, sums it up best: “Optimism is a good characteristic, but if carried to an excess, it becomes foolishness. We are prone to speak of the resources of this country as inexhaustible; this is not so.” This was from 1907, in a message addressed to Congress. His message is even more resonant in today’s world, as resources are dwindling beyond our control. Thankfully, Roosevelt’s spirit is alive in well in organizations like The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.


Hunting is in our blood; it makes us better, stronger and more appreciative of the world around us. We must think of our grandkids and all of the unborn. It is our duty to leave them land, animals and a healthy earth. At Fort Musselshell, we help maintain the delicate balance between man and nature!


You can find The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation press release here.




*Image courtesy of United States Library of Congress‘s Prints and Photographs division, via Wikipedia


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