New Hunter Ethics Campaign Focuses on Educating Montana Community

This July, the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ Region 3 announced a plan to educate the Montana community on hunting ethics. Most Montana hunters are conservationists who hunt with strong ethical considerations. This is something that not all the population is aware of, and CAC member Dennis Nelson stated, “The futureContinue Reading

Brucellosis in Bison – What Can Montana Do?

Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that frequently effects animals like bison, elk and cattle. Prevalent among bison who call Yellowstone National Park their home, The National Academy of Science has enlisted a group of scientists to study this problem and aid Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP); the National Park Service and others in preventingContinue Reading

Hunting Invasive Species in Montana

With over 30 million acres of public land, Montana has a vast array of animals that can be hunted. From antelope to mountain lions and wolverines, there are many different hunting seasons and regulations. There are also a few invasive species that are encouraged to be hunted. These species are a threat to the ecosystemsContinue Reading

Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks Plans to Depopulate Sick Tendoy Bighorn Sheep

For the past 25 years, bighorn sheep in the Tendoy Hunting District of Montana have been plagued with pneumonia. This disease is a top cause of mortality among the sheep and is extremely difficult to eradicate from a herd, since it can be carried by healthy members. The Tendoy sheep first became ill in 1993Continue Reading

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Devise an Elk Shoulder Season

At the end of the 2014 elk hunting season, 40 percent of Montana hunting districts were still over overpopulated with elk. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, often called FWP, recently proposed an “Elk Shoulder Season” to aid in the reduction of elk populations throughout Montana. This plan will allow rifle hunting in certain districts beforeContinue Reading

Common Hunting Mistakes

When going out on the hunting trail, it’s incredibly important to play by the rules. Not only does this put you on a fair playing level with all of the other outdoorsmen enjoying the Montana wilderness each hunting season, but also it can keep you safe in dangerous situations. As rifle season approaches the stateContinue Reading

Montana Hunting and Veteran Rehabilitation Programs

When a vet or active military serviceman becomes disabled, one of the difficult aspects of returning to normal life is finding a recreational outlet that can be enjoyed like before. Physical activity for these former military professionals is greatly limited, greatly narrowing the variety of sports and other fun games that can be played.  Continue Reading

Nonresident Hunting Fees a Needed Source of Montana’s Income

Anyone who has ever hunted in the vast wilderness available throughout the state of Montana is aware of the exorbitant fees required to legally harvest game. Montana has some of the highest hunting license fees in the country, and according to this piece from The Missoulian, it is the most expensive Western state for huntingContinue Reading

Montana Hunters are Voicing their Opinions

Big game hunting is not a frivolous activity. Going on a hunting trip requires much planning and foresight. Hunters and anglers are well-oiled machines, especially in Montana. They are always thinking about the next trip, the next season. That’s why it’s important that their voices are heard. The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 2Continue Reading

Ted Turner, Brucellosis and Montana’s Bison

Ted Turner is a billionaire. He also “owns” many bison, including Yellowstone bison. Recently, four wildlife advocacy groups sued, arguing that bison should not be privatized. In their eyes, bison should roam freely across America’s green body. That image is so…American and it warms the heart. Some, however, do not feel the same way. GivenContinue Reading