In Montana, Hunters and Conservationists Dance to the Same Song

The grizzly bear is one of North America’s treasured animals. Not only are they synonymous with North American identity, they also play an important ecological role. For example, after grizzly bears eat the fruit from fruit bearing plants, they besprinkle seeds and nutrients through feces. They are natural distributers. This is just one of manyContinue Reading

American Resources are Not Inexhaustible

Without conservation efforts, big game hunters would have nothing left to hunt! We are in a collaborative relationship with the earth and must help to maintain the delicate balance between man and animal. If not, the situation would become very dire. Montana, in particular, takes this relationship very seriously. After all, the state boasts aContinue Reading

Montana’s Wolf Rifle Hunting Season: To Extend or Not to Extend

Due to lush land and fresh air, Montana has been blessed with diverse wildlife. In The Treasure State, hunting is in our blood and charcoaled on our hearts. Wolf rifle hunting season is an important part of this lifestyle.   Wolf rifle hunting season brings in hunters from all corners of the country, which makesContinue Reading

Black Bear Population Rising in Southeastern Montana

There has never been a better time to be a big game hunter in southeastern Montana. For the past several years, the black bear population throughout the area has been quickly rising. In fact, the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission has decided to double the harvesting quota to eight for this hunting season.  For theContinue Reading

Montana Considers New Gun Laws

If you have been paying attention to the news of late, you would know that the topic of gun control is a hot issue. From coast to coast, state lawmakers are battling one another and the public is caught in the middle. With the recent shooting sprees that have plagued the nation, who can blameContinue Reading

Sequestration Expected to Hit Montana’s Game and Fish Agencies

The state of Montana is bracing itself for a sequestration, which is expected to hit their state fish and wildlife agencies. Sequestration is the process of cutting federal funding across departments and agencies.   The talk is that 5% of Montana and a few other state’s wildlife agency annual budgets will be cut, but willContinue Reading

Hurry Up Hunters: Get Your License and Your Kid!

In less than one month, we will reach the deadline for the 2013 hunting permits. You will need these permits for tagging deer and elk, if you plan to avoid some heavy poaching fees. All residents must fill out applications soon, either at FWP (Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks) offices or online.   Furthermore, thisContinue Reading

Antelope in a Barbed Wire World

Look out your window.  You see that barbed wire fence surrounding your home or ranch?  You might have to modify it or take it down altogether.  The fencing may pose a serious threat to wildlife.   In the article, “Conservation group wants Montana ranch fences modified for wildlife” the Helena Independent Record reports that “RemoteContinue Reading

Deer are Not Pets

At Fort Musselshell Outfitters, we want you to know that deer are not pets.  This week, an animal that hunters are very familiar with seriously injured a Montana woman.  The culprit, you might ask?  A whitetail deer that the woman was keeping.  This, of course, is illegal and dangerous.  Deer and other game are wildlyContinue Reading

The Advantages of Bow Hunting for Elk

For those of you who rifle hunt, you might wonder what advantage draws hunters bow hunt for elk. While rifle hunting is by no means “easy” it takes less practice than bow hunting, so if you want to bag a nice trophy bull elk, why use a bow? Here’s why: 1 – It’s Easier toContinue Reading