Brush Up on Montana Rules and Regulations Before Hunting

Brush Up on Montana Rules and Regulations Before Hunting

Both deer and elk populations are on the rise this year, leading Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to believe it will be a good hunting season for many.  Before heading out into the field, remember that all hunters and fisherman age 12 and older must have a valid Montana Conservation License and a State Recreational Use License to hunt or fish on trust lands. Brush up on the rules and regulations in place for hunting on state land before the general deer season begins next month.

Bring a Map

A topographic map is an important item to bring with you while hunting on state land. A map will let you know where state land boundaries lie, ensuring you are hunting legally throughout your trip. Montana FWP has a variety of hunt planning maps available on their website as well, displaying harvest statistics, district information and information on what areas can and cannot be hunted.

Avoid Trespassing

Instead of crossing private land to get to state land, follow public roads to get to your destination or receive permission from the landowner to cross. Trespassing is a common problem throughout hunting season that can lead to fines and jail time.

Stick to the Roads

Remember that off-road vehicle use is not permitted on state lands. Stick to public roads and those marked as open. Parking or driving your vehicle off road can lead to forest fires and with an especially dry season, we must be especially aware of fire hazards. Disabled hunters can be issued a permit to hunt from their vehicle by Montana FWP.

For questions on hunting permits and regulations, visit Montana FWP. Play close attention to your surroundings and follow all state laws for a successful hunting season.

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