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Hurry Up Hunters: Get Your License and Your Kid!

In less than one month, we will reach the deadline for the 2013 hunting permits. You will need these permits for tagging deer and elk, if you plan to avoid some heavy poaching fees. All residents must fill out applications soon, either at FWP (Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks) offices or online.


Furthermore, this is the year for teaching! reported that as of last Thursday, it is now legal for nine year olds to hunt in Montana, with but a few restrictions. These children may hunt three times with an adult, before taking a hunters education class.


“The idea behind the bill is that the sooner youngsters are exposed to the sport of hunting, the more likely they are to stick with the activity as they grow up.” Read More here.


General Deer License


This license is valid for one deer per license. You may not have more than one license, meaning one deer per hunting (another great reason to bring your kid, huh).


Montana residents over the age of nine may participate in three hunts with parental supervision before taking a hunter’s education course. Children ages twelve to fourteen can purchase a general deer license for as little as $6.50. Adults may purchase this license for $10


General Elk License


This license is similar to the deer in that, each hunter may have only one license, with only one elk per license. These licenses are available for $12 or $8 for those under fourteen years of age.