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Montana Considers New Gun Laws

If you have been paying attention to the news of late, you would know that the topic of gun control is a hot issue. From coast to coast, state lawmakers are battling one another and the public is caught in the middle. With the recent shooting sprees that have plagued the nation, who can blame them?


America gun controlJust about every state is considering new laws and regulations when it comes to gun control. From limits on high-capacity magazines to outright bans on assault rifles, nothing is off the table. The situation in Montana is no different. Governor Steve Bullock has vetoed two new gun bills, while signing a third into law last week. No one seems to know what to do when it comes to gun control. As one bill is vetoed, another is signed. It is, in some ways, a seesaw.


One of the bills vetoed by Bullock would have made it illegal for local and state authorities to enforce any new federal gun bans. Bullock disagreed with this because, while he is a supporter of second amendment rights, he didn’t want to turn the police into criminals by preventing them from following federal regulations. He also vetoed a bill that would allow wolf hunters to hunt with silenced rifles.


Governor Bullock, however, did pass one new law, Senate Bill 145. This law will ensure that the identity of concealed weapon permit-holders will be kept anonymous. In addition, a new law that would allow people to carry concealed weapons as long as they qualify for a permit is making its way to the governor’s office. This means that even if a person doesn’t have a permit, they can carry a concealed weapon if they meet the permit eligibility requirements.


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*Image courtesy of U.S. National Archives and Records Administration