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Deer are Not Pets

At Fort Musselshell Outfitters, we want you to know that deer are not pets.  This week, an animal that hunters are very familiar with seriously injured a Montana woman.  The culprit, you might ask?  A whitetail deer that the woman was keeping.  This, of course, is illegal and dangerous.  Deer and other game are wildly unpredictable, especially when they’re away from their natural habitat.  Certain animals are not pets, deer being one of them.  If deer were, man would’ve domesticated them thousands of years ago!


As parents, we must be sure to remind our children that there’s a difference between wild animal and pet.  When you see a fawn grazing in tall grass, be sure to tell your son or daughter that the fawn belongs in the wilderness with its family.  It’s its home, after all.  Children love animals, especially baby animals.  If you don’t start them young, your son or daughter may never know the difference.


Keeping deer, or any game animals for that matter, as pets is unfair and dangerous to all parties involved—the animal, yourself, and especially your family.  There needs to be clearly defined boundaries between home and wilderness or else there may be more deer attacks.  We, as hunters, know this, but we should always remind our children.


For more information on the Montana woman, you can read the article here.


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