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New Hunter Ethics Campaign Focuses on Educating Montana Community

Bull ElkThis July, the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ Region 3 announced a plan to educate the Montana community on hunting ethics. Most Montana hunters are conservationists who hunt with strong ethical considerations. This is something that not all the population is aware of, and CAC member Dennis Nelson stated, “The future of hunting in Montana depends on social acceptance, which means improved public perception and support for hunters and hunting, based on ethical hunting decisions and actions.”

Titled “Hunt Right,” the campaign has its own website and Facebook page, from where the group hopes to share important news and information with the public. Public service announcements will be run on local TV and radio stations, with billboards and online advertisements in development as well. Bumper stickers and other promotional materials will be shared with the community beginning in September.

With a high level of unethical hunting behavior documented last fall, including the use of cars to herd elk and shooting into a large herd of elk, this campaign is a big step in the right direction.

Here at Harris Hunts & Fort Musselshell Outfitters, we could not be happier to hear this news! Hunters like Theodore Roosevelt were some of our country’s biggest conservationist, a viewpoint we share. Ethical hunting is a vital piece of conservation in Montana, and we would like to help you be a part of that goal. Contact us today at 406-429-2800 to begin planning your next hunting excursion.

Brucellosis in Bison – What Can Montana Do?

Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that frequently effects animals like bison, elk and cattle. Prevalent among bison who call Yellowstone National Park their home, The National Academy of Science has enlisted a group of scientists to study this problem and aid Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP); the National Park Service and others in preventingContinue Reading

Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks Plans to Depopulate Sick Tendoy Bighorn Sheep

For the past 25 years, bighorn sheep in the Tendoy Hunting District of Montana have been plagued with pneumonia. This disease is a top cause of mortality among the sheep and is extremely difficult to eradicate from a herd, since it can be carried by healthy members. The Tendoy sheep first became ill in 1993Continue Reading

Ted Turner, Brucellosis and Montana’s Bison

Ted Turner is a billionaire. He also “owns” many bison, including Yellowstone bison. Recently, four wildlife advocacy groups sued, arguing that bison should not be privatized. In their eyes, bison should roam freely across America’s green body. That image is so…American and it warms the heart. Some, however, do not feel the same way. GivenContinue Reading

In Montana, Hunters and Conservationists Dance to the Same Song

The grizzly bear is one of North America’s treasured animals. Not only are they synonymous with North American identity, they also play an important ecological role. For example, after grizzly bears eat the fruit from fruit bearing plants, they besprinkle seeds and nutrients through feces. They are natural distributers. This is just one of manyContinue Reading