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State Discussing Extending Elk Hunting Season

It’s no secret that hunters really enjoy what they do. So when hunting season comes to a close, some can’t help but want more time to bring home their next trophy. Fortunately for many in pursuit of big game, hunters may have a longer season if a recent state proposal is approved.

Elk Hunting More than 40 hunting districts across Montana have come together to propose an extension to the dates of the state’s cow elk hunting season. Currently, the season runs from November to February, but if the extended dates are approved, the proposal would open the season to start in August and run until February.

Right now there is an elevated population of cow elk across the state, say advocates, according to the Casper Star-Tribune. It’s so high that now the cow elk are showing up in more places than ever before, including numerous acres of privately owned land. The population of elk has thrived in recent years, with numbers now exceeding Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ population objectives in many areas. Wildlife advocates pushing for the extended season say that some kind of action is needed to help keep population levels more manageable. A longer hunting season would also help prevent the numerous elk from destabilizing the regional ecosystem through overgrazing and keep disease and starvation problems from plaguing the elk population.

If the extension is approved, it would allow hunters more time to hunt the animals – primarily on private land. The state is currently testing a smaller scale additional season trial through an elk shoulder season. The Star-Tribune reports this season started Nov. 30 and runs through Feb. 15 in some hunting districts near Helena.

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Book Now and Beat the Rush

Book Now and Beat the Rush

Montana offers hunters almost 35 million acres of hunting ground. Deer, antelope and elk live among these picturesque landscapes, and hunters enjoy the unique hunting experiences available in this great state. Those looking to hunt in Montana must apply for big game licenses no later than March 15 for the 2016 season. While this mayContinue Reading

How a Rangefinder Can Help You Hit the Target

How a Rangefinder Can Help You Hit the Target

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Elk Shoulder Season to be Extended Across Montana

Elk Shoulder Season to be Extended Across Montana

With archery season coming to a close on October 18 and the general elk season beginning on October 24, hunters will be happy to hear that elk populations are above average in many areas of the state. Combined with the recent news that Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has approved shoulder season guidelines for elkContinue Reading

Brush Up on Montana Rules and Regulations Before Hunting

Brush Up on Montana Rules and Regulations Before Hunting

Both deer and elk populations are on the rise this year, leading Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to believe it will be a good hunting season for many.  Before heading out into the field, remember that all hunters and fisherman age 12 and older must have a valid Montana Conservation License and a State RecreationalContinue Reading

Fire Safety for a Dry September

Big-game archery and upland bird hunting season have had a slow start this September, because of the large number of fires throughout Montana. An extremely dry season makes brush catch quickly – it only takes a stray ember or cigarette butt. Because of this fear, private landowners and parks are closing their doors to huntersContinue Reading

Advice for Montana’s Upland Bird Season

Upland bird season is here once again with grouse, partridge and turkey available to hunt starting tomorrow, September 1, 2015. Pheasant season follows shortly behind, beginning on October 10, 2015. As you get ready to head out into the Montana wilderness, there are a few strategies to employ to improve your hunting techniques. Practice Off-SeasonContinue Reading

Pack for your Next Hunting Excursion

September is almost here, which means so are deer and elk seasons in Montana. Before heading out on your next hunting trip, there are a few things to consider. First, do you have your hunting license and permit, as well as tags for the game you are hunting?  Once you have all your paperwork squaredContinue Reading

New Hunter Ethics Campaign Focuses on Educating Montana Community

This July, the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ Region 3 announced a plan to educate the Montana community on hunting ethics. Most Montana hunters are conservationists who hunt with strong ethical considerations. This is something that not all the population is aware of, and CAC member Dennis Nelson stated, “The futureContinue Reading

Hunting Invasive Species in Montana

With over 30 million acres of public land, Montana has a vast array of animals that can be hunted. From antelope to mountain lions and wolverines, there are many different hunting seasons and regulations. There are also a few invasive species that are encouraged to be hunted. These species are a threat to the ecosystemsContinue Reading