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Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks Plans to Depopulate Sick Tendoy Bighorn Sheep

For the past 25 years, bighorn sheep in the Tendoy Hunting District of Montana have been plagued with pneumonia. This disease is a top cause of mortality among the sheep and is extremely difficult to eradicate from a herd, since it can be carried by healthy members. The Tendoy sheep first became ill in 1993Continue Reading

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Devise an Elk Shoulder Season

At the end of the 2014 elk hunting season, 40 percent of Montana hunting districts were still over overpopulated with elk. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, often called FWP, recently proposed an “Elk Shoulder Season” to aid in the reduction of elk populations throughout Montana. This plan will allow rifle hunting in certain districts beforeContinue Reading

Common Hunting Mistakes

When going out on the hunting trail, it’s incredibly important to play by the rules. Not only does this put you on a fair playing level with all of the other outdoorsmen enjoying the Montana wilderness each hunting season, but also it can keep you safe in dangerous situations. As rifle season approaches the stateContinue Reading

Montana Hunting and Veteran Rehabilitation Programs

When a vet or active military serviceman becomes disabled, one of the difficult aspects of returning to normal life is finding a recreational outlet that can be enjoyed like before. Physical activity for these former military professionals is greatly limited, greatly narrowing the variety of sports and other fun games that can be played.  Continue Reading

Nonresident Hunting Fees a Needed Source of Montana’s Income

Anyone who has ever hunted in the vast wilderness available throughout the state of Montana is aware of the exorbitant fees required to legally harvest game. Montana has some of the highest hunting license fees in the country, and according to this piece from The Missoulian, it is the most expensive Western state for huntingContinue Reading

Montana’s Wolf Rifle Hunting Season: To Extend or Not to Extend

Due to lush land and fresh air, Montana has been blessed with diverse wildlife. In The Treasure State, hunting is in our blood and charcoaled on our hearts. Wolf rifle hunting season is an important part of this lifestyle.   Wolf rifle hunting season brings in hunters from all corners of the country, which makesContinue Reading