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Fire Safety for a Dry September

Brush FireBig-game archery and upland bird hunting season have had a slow start this September, because of the large number of fires throughout Montana. An extremely dry season makes brush catch quickly – it only takes a stray ember or cigarette butt. Because of this fear, private landowners and parks are closing their doors to hunters in an attempt to keep their property safe.

Whether you are heading to a new area to hunt or returning to your usual hunting grounds, fire safety is especially important this season. Follow our advice to stay safe throughout the dry fall months.

Fires can start very easily, often from brush accumulated beneath vehicles. When heading out into the field, avoid driving through or parking on tall vegetation. Dry grass can get caught in catalytic converters and other parts of a car, sparking flames. Bring appropriate fire safety supplies along with you, including a fire extinguisher, shovel and axe. Always keep a cell phone on hand to call in case of an emergency.

Restrict open fires to campground areas only and do not leave your fire unattended. Avoid smoking outdoors and do not toss cigarette butts on ground.

If you spot a fire, call your local police immediately to relay the coordinates and get assistance. Be sure to back away from the area as well, as fire can spread very rapidly. To see what restrictions are in place, visit Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Interested in scheduling a big game hunt in Central Montana? Book your trip with Harris Hunts by calling 406-429-2800 or filling out an online contact form.

Advice for Montana’s Upland Bird Season

Upland bird season is here once again with grouse, partridge and turkey available to hunt starting tomorrow, September 1, 2015. Pheasant season follows shortly behind, beginning on October 10, 2015. As you get ready to head out into the Montana wilderness, there are a few strategies to employ to improve your hunting techniques. Practice Off-SeasonContinue Reading