Common Hunting Mistakes

When going out on the hunting trail, it’s incredibly important to play by the rules. Not only does this put you on a fair playing level with all of the other outdoorsmen enjoying the Montana wilderness each hunting season, but also it can keep you safe in dangerous situations. As rifle season approaches the state in early November, the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) agency has released a list of common hunting mistakes that all hunters should be aware of.


For the most part, these commonly disregarded rules pertain to legal areas to shoot and procedures for tagging big game catches. These top 10 commonly abused rules are listed as part of this article published by First and foremost, hunters are not allowed to shoot from inside of their own vehicles. Not only unethical, it can cause an unsafe situation because of gun recoil. Also, a hunter cannot shoot game while the hunter is standing on a road. The hunter also cannot shoot game that is standing in the middle of the road, and he or she cannot shoot across the road.


Tagging violations are another source of frustration for many hunters and FWP officials. In the state of Montana, a tag cannot be transferred between people. If your son has an extra deer tag, you can’t use it yourself. Check stations for data collection must also be visited, which is important so that the state can keep track of hunting activity. To use the hunting tag, a hunter must also fully validate the tag, which means cutting off the date and month completely from the tag.


Some of the rules violations are common sense issues, such as no trespassing on private property without first contacting the owner. Some are a little easier to be forgetful of; for instance, hunters may skin the hide off of game after a kill, but evidence of the animal’s sex must remain on the body while transporting.


Breaking these rules can result in excessive fines or even a small jail term. If you want to make sure that you’re proceeding legally during your Montana hunting excursion, give Fort Musselshell Outfitters a call today. We’ll be happy to bring you up to speed so you can enjoy more of your time in our state!



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