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Why choose Fort Musselshell

Few things are more exciting than hunting for an elusive big game trophy, especially when you are in an advantageous location that has large populations of prey.

Located in Central Montana, Fort Musselshell Outfitter provides novice and experienced hunters alike with the opportunity to stalk trophy elk, antelope and deer. Our remote location is home to herds of big game animals, and as a family owned business, we have proficient hunting guides with years of experience who can show you the way and put you in a position for success.

Please note, we offer both bow and rifle hunting, and we have comfortable accommodations. Unlike many other hunting outfitters, our guests are treated to a warm bed and a hot shower each day. As well, we can perform the taxidermy of your trophy in house, or we can prepare and ship it to the location of your choice.

We welcome you to take a look at our gallery to see what some of our hunters were able to obtain while on their trip. For more information, please contact us today.

A Montana hunting license expires March 15th and hunts fill fast, so we suggest booking early. Contact us for more information on dates, prices, and references.

For a deeper look into our hunts, view one of our shows on The Sportsman or The Outdoor Channel.


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You'll Be Happy To Know:


Our archery elk hunt offers the best opportunities to kill Pope and Young bulls in North America. Browse through our Elk Hunt page for more information on these great hunt experiences.


The Fort Musselshell rifle deer hunts have a success rate of nearly 100% year after year. Whether you prefer mule or whitetail deer, this is an ideal package for the hunter who loves success.


We also provide an excellent antelope hunt for both rifle and bow hunters. We hunt the top Units in the state and consistently take quality trophy bucks. Visit our Antelopes page for more information on these hunts.




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