Montana Hunters are Voicing their Opinions

Montana hunters open houseBig game hunting is not a frivolous activity. Going on a hunting trip requires much planning and foresight. Hunters and anglers are well-oiled machines, especially in Montana. They are always thinking about the next trip, the next season. That’s why it’s important that their voices are heard. The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 2 is ready to listen.


Earlier this month, many hunters and anglers attended the group’s open house. The discussion that followed brought up concerns regarding biologists, legislators, wildlife populations, Montana’s hunting heritage and more. After all, hunting is an ongoing conversation or, as Region 2 wildlife manager Mike Thompson said, “This is your chance to get input in ahead of new season proposals.” Hunting is a democratic process!


Such input is essential to Montana’s identity, as conservation is the beating heart of Big Sky Country. The relationship between man, animal and nature must be maintained and always worked on. This dynamic forces legislators and hunters to make tough decisions, such as decreasing the duration of hunting seasons in order to help the animals out. For instance, the populations of whitetail, mule deer and elk must be increased in certain areas of the state. One part of the state may experience a surge in certain animals whereas another part may experience a decrease.


Suffice to say, the state works tirelessly to maintain balance, which is why the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks open houses are so important. Input provided by hunters and anglers can influence state policy and legislation, whether it is determining the  amount of wolves a hunter can kill, possible  ban on aerial drone aircraft or shortening bow and rifle seasons. These are just some of the issues currently being discussed.


Over the next few weeks, more meetings will be taking place all across the state.  If you want your voice heard, be sure to check out the website here. At Fort Musselshell Outfitters, we believe every hunter and angler deserves to have his or her voice heard. Make it count!






*Image courtesy of Kittisak Taramas


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