Montana Hunting and Veteran Rehabilitation Programs

disabled military veteranWhen a vet or active military serviceman becomes disabled, one of the difficult aspects of returning to normal life is finding a recreational outlet that can be enjoyed like before. Physical activity for these former military professionals is greatly limited, greatly narrowing the variety of sports and other fun games that can be played.


There are some forms of outdoor recreation that a disability doesn’t rule out, some of which may be greatly therapeutic to former servicemen. In the state of Montana, a new law in place is providing an outlet to many disabled vets who want to be able to enjoy the popular pastime of hunting.


According to this article published by The Ravalli Republic, Montana state officials have signed into law a new rule that allows both residents and nonresidents with a state hunting license to donate that license to either a disabled active duty serviceman or a disabled military veteran.


In order to qualify for this program, the retired or active duty service member must be a client of an organization that uses hunting as a form of therapy for disabled vets. The service member must be a recipient of the military’s Purple Heart award, and have a disability rating of 70 percent or greater. A person donating their hunting license must have a specific recipient in mind; the license cannot simply be donated to an organization for distribution.


To donate a license, a license holder must fill out an application available on the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website and submit it to that state agency. In some cases, this donation may be tax-deductible, so you should check with an accountant or financial advisor if you decide to get involved in this program.


The people who gave life and limb for our country’s safety deserve to have some of the hobbies they sacrificed in order to keep us secure. Fort Musselshell Outfitters salutes those who put the needs of those less fortunate ahead of their own. When you’re looking for an exciting hunting excursion in the Montana wilderness, contact us today to schedule a visit to our private lands.


*Image courtesy of Martin Haas


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