Montana’s Wolf Rifle Hunting Season: To Extend or Not to Extend

Due to lush land and fresh air, Montana has been blessed with diverse wildlife. In The Treasure State, hunting is in our blood and charcoaled on our hearts. Wolf rifle hunting season is an important part of this lifestyle.


Wolf rifle hunting season brings in hunters from all corners of the country, which makes sense, as Montana has the most hunters per capita in America. It would be an understatement to say that wolf hunting is an integral part of the state’s identity, not to mention a nice economic boost for the state; it is holy.


Some are proposing to extend wolf rifle hunting season to six and a half months. Montana’s Fish, Wildlife and Commission will look over the details. There are many reasons for the proposal.


The wolf population has gotten quite big over the years. By extending the season, there would be more opportunities to reduce the population. The overabundance of wolves in the state is a threat to livestock and harvest production. Big game populations, for instance, are suffering due to wolves. Montana big game hunting is also a boost to the state’s economy.


It seems like a slam-dunk proposal. Extending the wolf rifle hunting season will bring in hunters and dollars. Reducing the wolf population will therefore benefit big game populations thus bringing in more big game hunters. What do you think?


Wherever you stand in terms of wolf rifle hunting season, Fort Musselshell Outfitters has you covered when it comes to Montana big game and trophy hunts.






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