Ted Turner, Brucellosis and Montana’s Bison

Ted Turner is a billionaire. He also “owns” many bison, including Yellowstone bison. Recently, four wildlife advocacy groups sued, arguing that bison should not be privatized. In their eyes, bison should roam freely across America’s green body. That image is so…American and it warms the heart. Some, however, do not feel the same way. Given specific circumstances, it seems that even Yellowstone bison can be privatized.


That was the case back in 2010 when Montana governor Brian Schweitzer needed a quarantined home for 80 Yellowstone bison. Officials needed to see if they were brucellosis-free. This disease negatively affects livestock. The Greater Yellowstone Area is the last area in the United States to have a large number of brucellosis-exposed animals. It is imperative then to separate the ones that do from the ones that don’t.


Enter Ted Turner and all his land. He agreed to take in the bison, like some doting mother, but there was one stipulation: he would be able to keep 75 percent of the herd’s calves.


According to the advocacy groups, the bison should be moved onto “public” lands. That or the state needs to pay Turner to take care of the 80 bison, not hand over their little ones. It is near sinful. The county judge, however, did not agree.


Although many are still upset with Turner, the entire operation is concerned with producing and maintaining a brucellosis-free environment in Montana. At Fort Mussellshell Outfitters, we can get behind that. Montana has a lot more to offer than brucellosis and lawsuits, so book your big game and trophy hunt today! Experience Big Sky Country the way it’s supposed to be.




Source: http://www.takepart.com/article/2013/05/16/rancher-ted-turner-bison-meat-controversy


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