The Advantages of Bow Hunting for Elk

For those of you who rifle hunt, you might wonder what advantage draws hunters bow hunt for elk. While rifle hunting is by no means “easy” it takes less practice than bow hunting, so if you want to bag a nice trophy bull elk, why use a bow? Here’s why:

1 – It’s Easier to Call in Bow Season – During bow season, bull elk are far more likely to respond to calls, which makes getting a clean shot a lot easier. By the time rifle season comes around, the elk are tired and done with mating, so they don’t respond to cow calls nearly as much.

2 – Without Rifles Around, Elk are less Timid – The sound of rifles can spook even the hardiest of humans, so you can’t expect elk to sit still while shots are fired from every direction for several weeks straight. During archery season, elk can enjoy the stillness and silence of the wilderness, making the hunter’s approach a lot easier.

3 – Bow Hunting is Incredibly Rewarding – As much as we all like our guns, bow hunting offers a rewarding experience that rifles can’t. I’m not saying that bow hunting it more rewarding; it’s just rewarding in a distinct way. You practice, practice and practice. You approach the majestic animal, getting far closer than a gun requires, and you shoot and bring it down from as little as 10 yards! Not a bad story to tell your friends!


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